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BluRay Vs BRrip Vs BDrip: Key Differences

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This blog post is all about BluRay, BDrip & BDrip. You may be wondering what the difference between these three is? To give a short answer, Blu-ray discs offer the best quality video you can get in a physical format, while BDrip or BRrip are ripped from Bluray discs using different software.

What is a Blu-ray?

A Blu-ray is a disc that stores data & video in high definition. Blu Rays are used for watching movies on your TV, but they can also be played through Blu-ray players and computers with DVD drives that support the format.

When downloading a Blu Ray, users are able to choose between different codecs which make up the video file. Blu Ray footage is superior to BRrip or BDrip but will result in larger file sizes due to the higher video quality produced by this codecs combination.

What is BRrip?

BRrip stands for 'BluRay Rip', it's an unofficial method of ripping a blu ray to another digital file or stream. This allows you to watch all of your favorite films without buying a blu-ray disc at home! The movie must first be decrypted before this process can take place - making it possible to copy anything from encrypted discs as well as unencrypted ones too. There have been many different ways people have managed to get their favorite titles over the years, but all of them have been made obsolete over time. BRrip is the latest and greatest way to watch your Blu-ray movies without needing a dedicated player!

What is BDrip?

BDrip stands for 'BluRay Disc Rip', it's an audio or video recording from one disc onto another digital file type. This form of ripping allows you to easily get high-quality files on the computer. It also makes converting discs very simple and easy which means that almost anyone can manage it too; provided they've got enough space on their computer hard drives. The process has become very popular in recent years as it allows people to share their favorite movies with ease, as well as watch blu ray titles on computers that don't even have a drive capable of doing so!

Key Differences between the three

The difference in quality

Bluray is the original format for high-definition storage and playing. BRrip and BDrip are both similar in nature but produce different results. Video Quality is lower when using BRrip or BDrip. It can be downloaded in HD resolutions of 720p and 1080p. The quality produced by BDrip's & BRrip's is not as good as BluRay but still better than DVD rip quality. This method involves encoding videos into different formats, usually MPEG at a low bit rate which may result in larger filesizes but creates a significant loss in video quality. Video quality produced from these rips is much superior compared to other competing formats such as VCDs and SVCDs. However, it should be noted that not all rips are of this high quality.

Difference in legality

While BluRay discs are perfectly legal and are sold in stores, BRrip and BDrip are both considered to be in a "grey area". The legality of downloading these formats is debatable. These rips are mostly found on pirated websites. However, there are certain websites that have been known to distribute properly licensed BRrip's and BDrip.

Online availability

BRrip/BDrip does not offer the same convenience as a legal product such as blu-ray discs which can be bought from any brick and mortar store or online retailers like Amazon.com. It is difficult to find places where these rips are available online due to copyright issues but still, some torrent sites do carry this content illegally. In contrast, every major video-sharing site on the internet offers streaming for new movies in HD quality while most independent filmmakers release their work under Creative Commons licenses allowing derivative works with proper attribution required by law.

Similarities between the three formats

BluRay, BRrip & BDrip are all digital file formats that can be played on TVs with media players. They also need to be decrypted before they can be played (which is what the media player does). The main goal of all three formats is the same. And that is to provide video content to the user in the highest quality possible.


How do the three differ in file size?

The main difference between BDrip's & BRrip's is the video quality with BluRay rips being superior to that of BRrip or BDrip footage. However, this will have an effect on file size with BluRay footage being larger than BRrip or BDrip. This can be seen when comparing the download times of each format as well as the hard drive space required for storage.

What are the file formats used?

BluRays use Mpeg as they are made up of several different formats whereas BRrip & BDRip only use one format which can be seen with MKV container files being used most frequently among these rips. This results in a lack of options available when encoding videos compared to blu ray discs. However, it should be noted that not all BD/BR rip releases come packaged within an MKV container.

What are the benefits of BR/DR rips over BluRay?

One benefit is that BD/BR rips have the ability to be watched on mobile devices because it doesn't require a large amount of processing power as compared to BluRays. In addition, this format can also play on certain media players which means you don’t need expensive hardware in order to watch them.


BluRay, BRrip & BDrip are all acronyms that refer to different formats of the same movie. The difference in format is determined by how many times a video has been compressed. When movies are converted from one file type to another they will lose quality over time. BluRays have the best resolution and most uncompressed files which make them perfect for showing up on TVs or projectors at home or in theaters where high definition viewing is needed. But if you want to watch your favorite show while traveling, then go with BR/DRrip formats because they are fit for remote & mobile viewing.


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Table of Contents

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