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Difference Between Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani

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The main difference between Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani is that Emporio Armani is more expensive than Armani Exchange. Emporio Armani stocks more formal and sought-after products designed by Giorgio Armani, while Armani Exchange has things more suited to daily casual wear.

What is Armani Exchange?

Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange, launched in 1991, is the most accessible and cheap brand within the Armani family. The brand is not primarily designed by Giorgio Armani but focuses on the fast-fashion street style that a younger audience seeks. Armani Exchange was created to cater to the American mass consumer that could not afford the Armani brand's top tier.

Armani Exchange customers are much younger than Giorgio Armani customers. Armani Exchange's target audience ranges from late teens to mid-thirties because of its colorful and vivid designs. Armani Exchange has nailed fundamental goods at a lower price range, allowing ordinary people to access the Armani brand.

It is often the entrance brand for those who establish their style and get into designer apparel for the first time. The A|X branding has grown legendary within the Armani family and is often used on the clothing, giving the outfits a strong slogan sense.

What is Emporio Armani?

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is one of Armani's original sub-brands and ranks in the center of the Armani markings. Clothing, eyewear, fragrances, and accessories are all available for purchase. It is referred to as a 'bridge line' since it is more premium than Armani Exchange but not as high-end as Giorgio Armani's own label.

Emporio Armani acquired elements of the Armani Jeans name in 2017. Both brands have the same eagle emblem and a similar demographic of 20-30-year-olds, contributing to the fusion. EA7, on the other hand, was an initial sub-brand of Emporio Armani and is today one of the market's most popular brands. EA7 is a sports line created in 2012 by Emporio Amani and Reebok.

It is intended for comfort and athletics, and the collection comprises athletic clothes and sporting accessories. EA7 is becoming a favorite among younger audiences that follow the athleisure style. The Emporio Armani collection has been heavily promoted by celebrities and sports figures, making it immensely popular and on-trend.

Differences Between Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani


Giorgio Armani created Emporio Armani, the major concept for the high-end fashion goods we all enjoy. It debuted in the 1982s, just after Giorgio Armani's breakthrough blew up the worldwide fashion business. The face of Giorgio Armani's sub-label represents the creativity behind the main brand, including a highly effective marketing approach, such as imaginative advertising, for maximum exposure.

Armani Exchange's diverse product range has been a fundamental driver of the company's success. Armani Exchange, which debuted in 1991, is the Armani family's most affordable and economical collection. It is Armani's fashion-forward mass-market counterpart.

Design & Style

The Emporio Armani brand is mainly focused on new trends and components. Armani watches are best regarded as fashion statements. These watches glorify luxury and place a high value on attention to detail.

Armani Exchange is not primarily designed by Giorgio Armani but focuses on the fast-fashion street style that a younger audience seeks. Armani Exchange was created to cater to the American mass consumer that could not afford the Armani brand's top tier.


Emporio is fashionable while maintaining high quality. Today's Emporio Armani is virtually always at least partially covered with high-quality wool. Emporio Armani is a less expensive label that caters to younger people and employs lesser quality materials than Giorgio Armani.

Armani Exchange label is a more affordable North American Armani brand that is largely made in China; yet, the quality is comparable to that of a genuine Armani garment. Clothing will be thoroughly lined, and the stitching will be even and tidy. The garments sold under this name are predominantly cotton and contain no polyester. Products made are often constructed with high-quality components, which boosts product durability.


For the typical customer, Emporio Armani's pricing is prohibitively expensive. Armani Exchange is a lower-priced apparel brand available at numerous department shops and online.

Target Audience

Emporio Armani caters to rich Millennials and Zoomers with a casual undertone. Armani Exchange caters to street-style fans and young people who desire luxury goods but don't want to spend much money on them. Most of their clothes are geared toward current trends and fast-fashion street style.

Comparison Chart: Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani

ParametersArmani ExchangeEmporio Armani
Origin Year19911982
TargetIndividuals with a sense of style aged 15 to 35Young professionals aged between 20 to 30
Price£20 – £450£50 – £2,000
DesignNot designed by Giorgio ArmaniDesigned mostly by Giorgio Armani and his direct team
Sub-BrandsNone but absorbed portions of folded Armani labelsEA7, their sports brand, has also absorbed portions of the folded Armani brands


Is Armani Exchange a Reputable Brand?

Designer fashion needs high-quality materials, precise workmanship, and best pieces, all of which Armani brands give. Armani Exchange is particularly appealing to youths and fashionistas since it offers the cheapest things from the Armani brands.

Is Emporio Armani of High Quality?

In terms of quality, Emporio Armani is much on par with other trendy brands. Most customers purchase the brand for that reason—the best fashion brand.

What Is Giorgio Armani?

Armani's trademark high-end brand specializes in ready-to-wear men's and women's clothing. This line is more expensive and difficult to find at a shop. Giorgio Armani also produces cosmetics and fragrances.


Emporio Armani's items are in high demand due to Armani's widespread popularity in the fashion business. Emporio is for persons with a young mindset who may not have the same means as Giorgio Armani; the price is substantially lower—a little more accessible—but they still desire Armani's principles.

Armani Exchange (A|X) is the mass market label, including trendy/casual/streetwear. It's inexpensive and trendy while being casual and of high quality. It offered the whole spectrum to the general public, from clothing to accessories.

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