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Difference Between Amish And Mormon

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There are many different religions worldwide, and it can be hard to track them all. Two of the most misunderstood religions are Amish and Mormon. Many people don't know the difference between the two or their beliefs.

The main difference between Amish and Mormons is that the Amish reject modern technology and live a simple life. At the same time, Mormons believe in using technology as long as it doesn't interfere with their religious beliefs. 

This blog will further explain the key differences between these two religious groups to give even more clarity, so keep reading.

Who Are Amish?

An Amish family

Amish people are a Christian group who follow the teachings of Jacob Ammann, a Swiss Anabaptist leader from the 1600s. They believe in simple living, plain dress, and shunning modern technology. 

Amish people are known for their craftsmanship, especially their skill in building furniture and barns. They also grow much of their food and do not use modern technology. Most Amish communities are in the United States, Canada, and South America.

The Amish way of life has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years, but some Amish communities have begun to allow some technologies, such as solar panels, into their homes. Despite these changes, the Amish continue to live a simple and peaceful life centered around family, community, and faith.

Who Are Mormons?

A polygamous Mormon family

Mormons are a religious group that believes in Jesus Christ as their Savior. They also believe in the Bible as the word of God. Mormons have their own set of scriptures called the Book of Mormon. 

Mormons practice polygamy. They believe in the family unit and place high importance on marriage. They also have strict rules about drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Mormonism is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world. There are over 16 million Mormons worldwide. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the largest Mormon Church. Mormons also believe that families can be together forever.

Critical Differences Between Amish And Mormon

Use Of Technology

Amish believe in living a simple life without the use of modern technology. They believe that technology distracts from God and family. The Amish community lives apart from the rest of society and dresses differently, too. The men usually wear plain clothes with suspenders while the women wear bonnets and long dresses.

Mormons, on the other hand, don't have a problem using technology. They believe it's okay to use as long as technology doesn't interfere with their religious beliefs.


The Amish do not practice polygamy, while the Mormons do. Why is this? Let's take a closer look. The Amish roots are in Switzerland and follow Jakob Ammann's teachings. He emphasized simplicity, Gelassenheit, and separation from the world.

The Amish don't believe in using or owning modern technology and avoid individualism. They believe in living as a community and being leaders in that community. One man married to one woman fits within those beliefs.

On the other hand, Joseph Smith, who founded Mormonism, practiced polygamy. He had over 30 wives. The Mormon belief is that polygamy allows more people to be brought into the Celestial Kingdom.

There are different levels in the Celestial Kingdom, and those who practice polygamy will enter into the highest level (if they were worthy during their lifetime).

Mormons no longer practice polygamy, but some break-off and form their faction where they still practice it - like the FLDS church with Warren Jeffs. So while both groups may seem similar in some ways, when it comes to polygamy, they couldn't be more different.


The Amish and Mormon religions have some key similarities but also several important differences, one of which is their views on non-resistance. The Amish believe in non-resistance to evil and will not participate in military service or swearing oaths. They also do not pursue lawsuits.

On the other hand, Mormons are taught to be law-abiding citizens and to participate in civic duties such as jury duty and voting. They are also allowed to serve in the military.


Differences in these views on non-resistance stem from the different origins of the two religions. The Amish religion began in Europe during a time when there was religious persecution, so they developed a philosophy of peaceful coexistence.

The Mormon religion started in America, where there was no such persecution, so they did not feel the need to adopt the same stance on resistance. Though they have different origins, both religions teach the importance of living peacefully with others.

Comparison Chart: Amish Vs Mormons

Population373,62016 Million
Use of TechnologyNoYes
Polygamy practicedNoYes
FounderJakob AmmannJoseph Smith


What is the core difference between Amish and Mormons?

The Amish are a Protestant sect, while Mormons are a Restorationist sect. Mormonism is characterized by polygamy and baptisms for the dead, which the Amish do not practice.

However, both groups reject many of the trappings of modern life. The Amish also emphasize family and community, while Mormons believe in self-sufficiency. These are just a few of the key ways in which these two groups differ.

Do Amish marry their cousins?

In Amish communities, it is not uncommon for cousins to marry one another. However, this practice is not as common among first cousins. Instead, most Amish couples are second cousins or more distantly related.

This tradition helps to keep the Amish community close-knit and maintain strong family ties. In addition, it helps to ensure that Amish children are born with few genetic defects. While some outsiders may view this practice as strange, it is essential to Amish culture.


So what’s the difference between the Amish and Mormons? The Amish strongly focus on family and tradition, while Mormons place more emphasis on their religion. The Amish are a closed community who reject most technology, while Mormons are an open community who accept (and even promote) technology.


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Table of Contents

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  1. When the Mormon church was founded, they did suffer persecutions. Joseph Smith and others were wrongly imprisoned multiple times. They had to move dozens of times to get away from persecution. In Missouri, there was an extermination order placed upon the Mormons by Governor Lilburn Boggs. Finally, Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum, were killed by a mob while being wrongly jailed in Carthage, Illinois.

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