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Difference Between Biography and Autobiography

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The main difference between an autobiography and a biography is the book's writer. In contrast to a biography, a book about a person written by someone else, an autobiography is written by the person about his or her life. A biography's author first researches the subject before writing the book. The third person pronouns are often used in the book. The auto in an autobiography, however, implies that the author is one's own self.

What is a Biography?

Elon Musk Biography was written by Ashlee Vance

A biography is a life story that another person has written. Typically, biographies of renowned persons are written. Biographies are written in the third person since the author narrates a person's life story.

Biographies, like autobiographies, detail the subject's whole life. Therefore, it is crucial to include information about the location of birth, schooling, early years, connections, etc.

What is an Autobiography?

The Autobiography of Gandhi

An autobiography is a story of a person's life written by that person. Autobiographies are written in the first person since the author is the primary character. The purpose of writing an autobiography is to recount the narrator's accomplishments and experiences in life.

The early childhood years are often where an autobiography format begins, followed by a chronological sequence of events. These include details on a person's upbringing, employment, choices made in life, accomplishments, and challenges they overcame.

Differences Between a Biography and an Autobiography


The main distinction between an autobiography and a biography is the book's author. The subject of the book always writes an autobiography. A different author always writes a biography than the book's subject.

Authorized vs. Unauthorized

Authorized books are written with the author of the book's permission and collaboration; unauthorized books aren't. A biography may or may not be permitted, whereas an autobiography is always permitted.

Degree of Objectivity

An autobiography tends to be subjective, but a biography is usually not. To create a biography, authors often do journalistic research, which involves reading historical accounts of events and conducting interviews with the book's subject and other individuals. Instead of drawing on information from other sources, the author of an autobiography usually relies the material on his or her memories of events as they occurred.


Why Does An Autobiography Seem More Real?

Because the author has experienced the life described, an autobiography seems more real. They express how the individual felt. Autobiographies are beneficial because they give the impression that you are there, experiencing life alongside the author.

What Is A Self-Biography Called?

Autobiography is a self-biography. It is a chronicle of life in writing. In a biography, for example, you may utilize autobiographical writing to discuss other people's lives.

What Distinguishes An Autobiography?

Memoirs focus on a certain period of your life. Autobiographies provide us with information about a writer's whole life. They begin when the author is young and continue for the rest of their lives. They consist of situations, locations, acts, responses, and other things that occurred to them.


A biography is written by someone inspired by a person and their life, while an autobiography gives us a firsthand perspective of an individual. Both book formats fell within the non-fiction category and were designed to enlighten and inspire us.

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Table of Contents

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