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Difference Between Dabbing and Dapping Someone Up

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Do the phrases 'dabbing someone up' and 'dapping someone up' make you walk around a sense of confusion? Well, in that case, go through the article and clear out your confusion.

What are the differences between Dabbing someone up and Dapping someone up?

Although at first glance, both 'dabbing someone up' and 'dapping someone up' may sound similar, on the broader scene, they are poles apart. From the context of their meaning to their uses, from origins to history, there are some elements that set these two apart.

When these words are used as nouns, dap means a gentle tap or blow, while on the contrary, dap implies a plimsoll.

Similarly, dab is an adverb, whereas dap is an adjective. In addition to these, specific other significant differences can also be seen; keep reading to know more.

What is Dabbing Someone Up?

Dab is a word commonly used as a noun or verb. It generally means gentle tap or strokes. However, in recent times, the word is used chiefly as slang. The phrase 'dabbing someone up' originated from the slang 'dap me up' that is a way of greeting someone. The word 'dab' when spelled backward makes 'bad,' and having said so, 'dabbing someone up' is also a way of greeting but in a bad way.

What is Dapping Someone Up?

Dap, originated in the 1970s, is a gesture of greeting; to be more specific is a friendly gesture of greeting. Originating from the African American community, dapping is popular in western culture. Dap includes shaking hands typically by holding thumb, fist-pounding, pound hugging, or chest/fist-bumping.

Difference Between Dabbing Someone Up and Dapping Someone Up


As a noun, dab is a soft or gentle tap or stroke. On the other hand, dap means a plimsoll.


When they are used as a verb, dab means pressing something lightly in a continuous motion with an object. It includes pressing and not rubbing. In contrast, dap is running or going somewhere quickly.


The origin of dab is not specific, while on the contrary, dap originated in the 1970s from the African American community.

Comparison Chart: Dabbing Someone Up vs. Dapping Someone Up

ParametersDabbing Someone UpDapping Someone Up
NounGentle tapA plimsoll
VerbPressing something lightly and continuously with an objectGoing somewhere quickly
OriginNo specific originIn the 1970s, from African American community

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DAP in slang?

In slang, dap is a friendly greeting or gesture. People usually dap when they greet or meet someone they know. Dapping has African American origin and is very popular among western cultures.

What is DAB in texting?

In texting, dab is the acronym for "Digital Audio Broadcasting" and is standard on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.

Why is dabbing offensive?

Although dabbing looks like an innocent dance move, some people believe that it does have a dark meaning. According to these people, dabbing represents sneezing. And, sneezing is something that often happens to individuals when they intake lots of cannabis.


Even though both dab and dap look pretty similar, they're in no terms similar to each other. Well, in this article, we've mentioned different elements that distinguish the former from the latter. However, if you know more of them, make sure to mention them in the comment section below.


Feel free to comment and discuss about the article in the comment space below if you have any information or remarks to add. If you think we made a mistake, you can also report it there.
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Table of Contents

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