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Difference Between FTX and FTX Pro apps

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The main difference between the "FTX" and "FTX Pro" apps is that "FTX" is designed for beginners who want to buy, and sell crypto while "FTX Pro" is designed for advanced users who want to trade on top of that.

If you already have an account on the FTX.com website, then you can log in directly to the "FTX Pro" app. The app is a seamless continuation of FTX.com, since it offers the same features as the website. 

The FTX app was previously known as Blockfolio. It was acquired in August 2020 by FTX and thus they renamed it "FTX".

What is the "FTX" app?

screenshot of "FTX" app (formerly Blockfolio)
"FTX" app (formely Blockfolio)

The "FTX" app makes it easy to invest in the most popular cryptos. It is available on the AppStore and on the Google Play Store. 

Formerly known as Blockfolio, the app was acquired in 2020 by the company FTX. Blockfolio was a tool to track your portfolio and crypto investments. Today, the FTX app still allows you to track your portfolio through its dedicated "Track" tab.

This app is designed for crypto beginners who only want to invest without trading on FTX. This implies that you will not be able to, for example, buy Bitcoin with a limit order. 

If you already have an account on the FTX.com website, then you will be able to log in with your login details on the app but notice that this will create an FTX "sub-account" for you.

What is the "FTX Pro" app?

screenshot of ftx pro app
"FTX Pro" app

The "FTX Pro" app lets you do everything you can do on the FTX.com website: buy stocks, cryptocurrencies, and altcoins, trade, futures… It is free and can be installed from the AppStore and Google Play Store.

It is also possible for FTX.com website users to log in directly to the "FTX Pro" app and access their profile and balance. This is the app recommended by FTX.com for users who already have an account on the website.

Differences between "FTX" and "FTX Pro" apps

The "FTX" and "FTX Pro" apps are not the same and each has its own differences.

FTX Accounts

When you log into the "FTX" app, it will automatically create a second account (sub-account) within your FTX account. When you log in to FTX Pro, you remain on your FTX.com account.

This is why it is better for an existing FTX user to use the "FTX Pro" app rather than the "FTX" app.

Prior to its acquisition, the "FTX" app was called "Blockfolio" and was owned by Blockfolio LLC. That's why this app is not a continuation of the FTX.com website and why it creates a sub-account for you when you log in.

Financial instruments

Although the "FTX" app allows you to place market orders, it is not as advanced as "FTX Pro" regarding financial instruments.

Indeed, with the "FTX Pro" app, you will have more financial products available such as futures, leveraged tokens, and all types of orders:

  • Limit order
  • Market order
  • Stop market
  • Stop limit
  • Trailing stop
  • Take profit
  • Take profit limit

On "FTX Pro" you will also have the possibility to buy stocks.


Depending on whether you use the "FTX" or "FTX Pro" app, the fees will be different.

If you use the "FTX" app, there are zero fees for crypto withdrawals. On "FTX Pro" not all crypto withdrawals are free. You will be charged for withdrawals through the ERC-20 network, ETH withdrawals, as well as for Bitcoin withdrawals below 0.01 BTC.

Comparison Table

FeaturesFTX app (formerly Blockfolio)FTX Pro app
Owned byFTX Trading LimitedFTX Trading Limited
Created byBlockfolio, LLCFTX Trading Limited
DevicesMobilesMobiles and computers
Trading?No (just on market)Yes
Fiat deposits ($,€,£)?YesYes


As both apps are owned and operated by FTX Trading Limited, they have some similarities.

Of course, they both allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. On both apps, you will also be able to log in with the same account (although a sub-account is created specifically for the "FTX" app when you first log in).


Are the "FTX" and "FTX Pro" apps safe and official?

Both of these apps are officially managed by FTX and are safe to use. They are regulated and authorized by numerous financial authorities.

Are FTX and FTX pro different?

"FTX" and "FTX Pro" are two different apps because "FTX" is dedicated to cryptocurrency beginners while "FTX Pro" is for users who want to trade.


The "FTX" and "FTX Pro" apps may look similar because they are both owned by the FTX.com website. However, their features are quite different.

The "FTX Pro" app is made for advanced users who want to trade crypto-currencies or even buy stocks. The "FTX" app (formerly "Blockfolio") is more focused on users who are new to the world of cryptos and want to make their first crypto investments.


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Table of Contents

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