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Difference Between Lucifer and Satan

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It's a popular misconception that Lucifer and Satan are the same. In this blog post, we will explore the difference between Lucifer and Satan in a way that is easy to understand.

The main difference between Lucifer and Satan is that Lucifer is associated with many folklores with Planet Venus & is considered a devil in Christianity while Satan is considered a devil in all of the Abrahamic religions.

Who is Lucifer?

The Lucifer of Liège

Lucifer is one of the epithets given to a planet. According to Roman mythology, Lucifer was the name of the planet Venus, but it was frequently represented as a male figure holding a torch. The morning star, Lucifer (the child with wings pouring light from a jar), is pictured as a winged kid dispensing light from a jar. The sons of Aurora and Cephalus, and the father of Ceyx, were variously called Lucifer. He was frequently regarded as the herald of daybreak in poetry.

Who is Satan?

Illustration of Satan by Gustave Doré

Satan is a Hebrew word meaning "adversary" or "accuser." In the Bible, it refers to a specific angel who rebelled against God. In Islam, Satan is also known as the Shaitan, is an entity of fire who was expelled from Heaven because he refused to bow down before the newly created Adam. It is also said that he encourages people to do wrong by infecting their minds with evil. Satan appears in the Hebrew Bible as "ha-satan" which is a heavenly prosecutor, a member of the sons of God who is subordinate to Yahweh. According to legend, "ha-satan" verifies Yahweh's followers' loyalty.

Key Differences Between Satan & Lucifer

The difference in the number of references

While Satan is mentioned in all of the religious books of the Abrahamic religions the references of Lucifer are much less common. This is because Lucifer has only been mentioned in Christian books and the Old Testament of the Bible. Other religions don't have many references to him.

The difference in their origin stories

Lucifer is considered to be a rebellious angel who was cast out of heaven by God. Satan, on the other hand, is considered to be a fallen angel who sinned against God and is mainly a roadblock to the many believers by taking them down the wrong path & away from God.

Satan is an embodiment of evil and the chief adversary whereas Lucifer was originally good but his pride caused him to fall from grace when he challenged God's presence in heaven. This also led to his name change as "Lucifer" means “light-bearer” & it may have been an indication that he thought himself to be the brightest of all. Satan is usually referred to as "the Devil" while Lucifer was never called “devil” in any book or scripture.

Satan is considered to be an enemy of Jesus Christ who tempts people into sin whereas Lucifer sought revenge on God for throwing him out from heaven but he wasn't so much interested in tempting people into sin. Satan is known as the "father of lies" and deceives people for his own gain while Lucifer was once a beautiful angel who fell from grace because of his pride.

The difference in their names

Lucifer is the name of Planet Venus in Latin. In Greek, it means "Light-Bringer" or "dawn-bringer". Satan means "adversary" in Hebrew & is called by many other names in different religions. Satan though is derived from Old & Middle English.

Key Similarities Between Lucifer & Satan

The biggest similarity between both is the fact that they are both embodiments of evil & are referenced as the main enemy of mankind.

The second-largest similarity is that both have been described as existing since the beginning of time with Satan being a fallen angel from heaven while Lucifer also an angel fell from the glorious heaven & wants to build his own kingdom.

Satan & Lucifer are both considered the same by many in Abrahamic religions.


Who was Lucifer before he became a demon?

Before becoming a demon, Lucifer was the most beautiful angel in heaven. He was also the most powerful.

When did Lucifer fall from heaven?

Lucifer fell from heaven when he became prideful and arrogant. He refused to serve God.

What are some common misconceptions about Satan?

There are many common misconceptions about Satan. Some people think that he is a red creature with horns and a tail. Others think that he is the personification of evil. However, Satan is not a specific person or creature. He is actually an entity that tries to tempt people into doing evil things.

Why does Satan want to do evil?

Satan wants to do evil because he is prideful and greedy. He believes that only God shouldn't be worshipped. Satan also loves power, so he tries to tempt people into doing bad things in order to get what he wants.

What does the Bible say about Lucifer?

Lucifer was a powerful angel and a good servant of God. However, he became prideful and arrogant. He decided that he should be worshipped by everyone else in heaven instead of only worshipping God. This led to his fall from heaven.

What does the Bible say about Satan?

Satan is an evil spirit who tempts people into doing wrong things. He wants to be worshipped instead of God, and he loves power and money. However, Satan will ultimately be defeated by Jesus Christ.


Lucifer and Satan are two different entities. They serve as a perfect example of how names can be used to create confusion or fear in society. As you can see, the devil has many forms and names. We hope that this blog post has helped clarify how to identify Lucifer from Satan. What is your favorite mythological figure? Who do you think would win in a battle between good and evil? Share your thoughts with us!


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Table of Contents

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