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Difference Between New York And Chicago Pizza

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Chicago and New York are two of the most well-known cities in the United States. Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza, while New York is known for its thin-crust pizza. The difference between these two types of pizza has a long-standing debate that we will finally put to rest today!

What is a New York Pizza?

new york pizza
New York-style Pizza

A New York pizza is usually thin, with a crispy bottom and chewy crust. The sauce sits on top of the cheese as opposed to being baked into the dough like Chicago-style pizzas.

What is a Chicago Pizza?

chicago pizza
Chicago-style Pizza from Giordano's

A Chicago Pizza is deep dish pizza that has a thick crust and is baked in a round pan. The ingredients are layered, with cheese on the bottom then toppings such as pepperoni or sausage followed by chunky tomato sauce.

Differences Between New York & Chicago Pizza

Baking style

The main difference between these two types of pizzas comes down to the crust and how they are baked. A Chicago deep-dish pizza consists of an extra thick dough that has cheese stuffed in it before baking so that there's cheese throughout the entire slice of pie! This style often requires multiple layers with toppings separated by sauce instead of being mixed like New York-style pies. 

Deep dish pizzas are generally cooked in cast iron pans for about 30 minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Until the crust becomes golden brown and crispy on top but still soft underneath. It can be difficult to pick up one piece because all of those fillings make them very heavy!


The biggest differences are in the crusts, New York Pizza has a thin crust and is crispy on the bottom and chewy on top. Whereas Chicago pizzas have a thick crust that is soft in the middle but crunchy at the edge. The difference in the crust makes the pizza easier to pick up and eat. 

Pizza ingredients

Both styles offer plenty of options for different flavors such as pepperoni or sausage-covered pies in addition to veggies and meatless dishes. However, some notable differences are that New York Pizza has a large amount of tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese. Spices included dried oregano & red chili flakes. While Chicago deep-dish pizzas are usually topped with sausage, green bell peppers, or onions. Toppings in a Chicago-style pizza are always assembled upside down, which means the cheese goes on first, followed by sauce, and finally your favorite toppings!

Each of these cities has its unique style when it comes to what types of toppings they use on pizza - but some are more popular than others! Pepperoni might be the most well-known item found across pizzas worldwide, but sausage can also be used as a topping in New York-style slices or Chicago deep-dish pizzas if you prefer meatballs instead.


Cheese is an important factor when it comes to making the perfect pizza, and which style tends to have more cheese typically depends on what ingredients are being used at that time. A New York-style pie has mozzarella cheese baked into the crust, while Chicago deep-dish pizzas often leave extra cheese stuffed inside or melted over top. 

This means there might be less cheese in each slice simply because there isn't as much throughout the entire pan (and sometimes not even enough). Another thing worth noting is how stringy most American slices tend to look when they've been cooked - but the cheese is often what causes this!


Lastly, it's important to note that some pizzas are made with red sauce while others may be topped with white. Tomato paste is often used as the base of any pizza before adding spices and other ingredients for extra flavor. You can also order your favorite pie "half & half" if you want equal parts cheese and tomato on top! 

Chicago-style slices tend to have chunky sauce poured all over them after baking (and sometimes even pre-baked) which will drip down into the cheesy crust below. But Chicago deep dishes usually use a layer of thick ricotta or mozzarella at first so there isn't too much excess liquid inside their doughy layers. The sauce used here is seasoned & light.

Mouthwatering combinations like pepperoni paired with green peppers make for delicious pizza slices that are hard to find in any other part of the country. Some cities even have their specialties - like Chicago deep dish pizzas with a thick layer of sausage or New York-style pies made with extra thin crusts so you can eat your slice on the go!

Comparison Chart: New York Vs Chicago Pizza

ParametersNew York PizzaChicago Pizza
SauceLess chunkyMore chunky
Calorie ContentLessMore


Is New York or Chicago pizza better?

New York and Chicago both have their unique ways of making pizza, but they're equally delicious in different ways! New Yorkers tend to eat thin-crust slices that are easy to fold while Chicago locals enjoy a thicker crust with more toppings. Other differences include the way they bake each type of pie, what types of cheese or veggies go on top, and how they cut them to serve. But in general no one has an edge over the other & it simply depends on the consumer on what he/she wants.

Can you buy Chicago-style pizza in NYC?

Yes, you can buy Chicago-style pizza in NYC! There are at least a few restaurants that offer these types of pies, and it's also possible to order one if your local pizzeria doesn't serve the style.


There are many small differences between New York and Chicago-style pizzas, but the main difference comes down to how they are baked. Each of these styles has its unique taste which you'll get used to within minutes after your first bite depending on what type of crust or sauce you prefer.


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