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What's The Difference Between New York And New Jersey?

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When people think of the difference between New York and New Jersey, they often focus on the state line. New York and New Jersey are two different states in the United States. New York is a state in the northeast region of the United States while New Jersey is right below it. But there are many more differences besides just location! Read on to find out what those are!

Key Differences Between New York & New Jersey


Both states differ a lot in terms of area. While New York is the 27th largest state in terms of area, New Jersey ranks 47th. This shows that while New York has a lot more land compared to other states. New Jersey doesn't have many square miles at all in comparison.

Economy and Industries

New York's economy mainly relies on financial activities such as banking and stock trading whereas tourism, tech & media also contribute to its economy.

While New Jersey is known as the 'Garden State', it has a diverse industrial base and is well-known for its pharma industries.

Population Distribution & Density

New York has a population of around 20 million people, while New Jersey has a population of nearly nine million. The biggest difference is that one state has a city with more than double the population as compared to its counterpart. The largest city in New Jersey is Newark, which only has around 300 thousand people while NYC alone has over 8 million inhabitants. New York is less densely populated with around 416 people per square mile compared to New Jersey's 1263 people per square mile.


Another main difference is their transportation systems since NJ uses light rail and bus lines whereas NY uses subways exclusively for mass transit within its limits. This means that if you want to go from one place in NYC to another, it would be faster by subway rather than taking NJ Transit or Amtrak altogether because those trains stop at many different stations along each route. This means that effectively the transportation routes are much quicker in New York than in New Jersey on most routes.


New York is known for its diverse number of people and cultures. Since the state has over 20 million residents, it's not surprising that almost every ethnicity can be found in New York. New Jersey on the other hand is home to predominantly white Americans.

Similarities between New York & New Jersey

The biggest similarity between the two is that they both share the same time zone. This is due to the fact that they are both a part of the Eastern Time Zone.


New York and New Jersey are both great places to live. There are some differences between the two states, but there is no right answer as to which one is better. It all depends on what you're looking for in a place of residence. The best way to figure out if either state will be perfect for your needs is by doing research about each area before making any decisions so you can choose wisely! We hope this blog post was helpful for clearing up confusion around these two regions.


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Table of Contents

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