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What's the Difference Between New York Cheesecake and Regular Cheesecake?

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The difference between New York cheesecake and regular cheesecake is that New York's version is denser, sweeter, and has a much thicker crust. The difference can be found in the ingredients as well as cooking techniques. This blog post will explain the difference between these two types of cakes. The difference has to do with how they are made, as well as their texture. In this article, we will also answer some frequently asked questions about each type of cake.

What is a New York Cheesecake?

new york style cheesecake
New York-style Cheesecake

New York cheesecake is made using cream cheese, heavy or light cream (or sour cream), eggs, and sugar. Some recipes call for flour to be added as well, but this ingredient is not included in every recipe. The cake's crust consists of crushed graham crackers with melted butter instead of lower-fat options like cookies or biscuits.

What is a Regular Cheesecake?

regular cheesecake
Regular Cheesecake

Regular cheesecakes are usually baked without a crust and consist mainly of ricotta cheese along with cream cheese. Other types of milk products such as sour creams, yogurt or evaporated milk all mixed together with eggs and sugar. They can also include ingredients like lemon zest, spices, vanilla extract among others depending on the flavor you want to achieve.

Differences Between New York & Regular Cheesecake

The differences between New York-style cheesecakes and regular cheesecakes are mainly due to their texture, richness, density as well as baking time. These factors can vary depending on where they were made but there is no doubt that these two types of cakes have very distinct flavors.

Density & Taste

New York-style cheesecakes tend to be thicker than regular ones which usually aren't baked with a crust unlike the former one. The ingredients used in making New York-style cheesecakes make them much denser, richer, and creamier. Some people find that they need less sugar when eating this type of cake because it already has so much sweetness. New York style cheesecakes also have a much thicker crust, made with graham crackers and butter.

Texture & Baking Time

The most important difference between the two cakes is their texture. Regular cheesecakes are usually lighter than New York ones which can be very dense and heavy. This makes them more similar to custard or pudding rather than cake if we were comparing both desserts based on consistency alone.

The baking time will vary depending on the recipe you choose. But it's safe to say that most traditional types of cheesecake take about 50 - 70 mins in an oven preheated at 325 degrees F. They need slightly less time compared to regular cheesecakes which require longer cooking times. Regular cheesecakes are usually softer, more moist and lighter than New York style cakes which are denser, heavier and firmer.


New York cheesecake is made with heavy cream, butter, eggs and graham crackers. Regular cheesecakes are typically made with heavy & sour cream. This means that new york style cheesecakes have a denser texture than regular ones. They also have an extra richness to them because of their high fat content which you can't get from using just cream cheese for your crust or filling.

The other difference between these types of cheesecake has to do with the ingredients used in their making as well as the recipe's instructions. It is not always easy for a person to find the right kind of cream cheese unlike cheddar cheese or mozzarella. This makes some varieties of traditional NY cheesecakes rarer but they still have unique recipes that make them different from one another despite being made mainly with cream cheese instead.

Comparison Chart: New York Vs Regular Cheesecake

ParametersNew York CheesecakeRegular Cheesecake
CreamyMore CreamyLess Creamy

Similarities between the two

  • Both use cream as the main ingredient along with eggs, sugar, vanilla extract or flavoring, etc.
  • The cheesecakes are both baked in an oven using similar ingredients such as butter or oil for greasing pans so cakes won't stick after baking is complete.
  • They can be served with fruit on top, like cherries, strawberries and blueberries.


Which one tastes better?

Many people prefer New York cheesecakes to regular ones because they are denser and richer in taste. They also have a thicker crust which makes them look more appetizing while Philadelphia style cakes usually lack the chocolate, nuts or other add-ons that make their counterparts so popular with restaurant goers.

What about calories?

Regular cheesecake has fewer calories than New York cheesecake because it does not contain as much cream or eggs which are usually found in both recipes. However, some people prefer New York cheesecake as it is more filling.

Is one healthier than the other?

Neither cakes are healthy because they both contain high amounts of fat and sugar which can lead to obesity and diabetes. Both types also contain a lot of calories that could be dangerous for people trying to lose weight or watch their cholesterol levels.

Which one is more expensive?

New York cheesecake is more expensive than traditional recipes because it has a higher fat content due to the use of cream. It also takes longer to make and contains several ingredients that are not always easy to find like regular style cakes do. They tend to be simpler yet still very tasty, especially if you can get them fresh from your local bakery.


The New York cheesecake is heavier, thicker, and richer than ordinary cheesecake. It’s also made with sour cream in addition to the usual ingredients of eggs, sugar, flour and butter. The taste difference has nothing to do with fat content or calories though! There are two more key elements that set this dessert apart from others-the baking temperature and oven spring - which combine for a cakeier texture that is incomparable to any other type. Depending on your preference you can try one of them or both if you wish!


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