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Difference Between NY Jets and Giants

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New football fans may be confused when they see both the NY Jets and the New York Giants. The difference between the NY Jets and the Giants is that the New York Jets are a professional football team in the National Football League. The New York Giants are also a professional football team, playing in the NFL but are a completely different team. They are two separate teams, with their own players, stadiums, owners, fans, etc.

Similarities between the two teams are that they are both professional football teams. They also play at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. If you're a football fan and want to know about the New York Jets versus Giants, we've got your answer.

Key differences between the two teams

Two completely different teams

Even though they both play in the NFL representing the same state they are still very different teams. They have their separate headquarters in New Jersey. Not only that but the team attire, fan base are all different. The Giants sport Blue, Red & White as their team colors while for the Jets those colors are Green, White & Black.

Fan base & Formation

The Giants are definitely the more popular team, although it's not by much. One big difference is that the Giants have a larger fan base which means they sell more merchandise and tickets on average than the Jets do. The New York Giants were formed first in 1925 while the Jets were formed in 1960. Due to this the Giants have played more games and participated in more championships & league games than the Jets. Therefore they have a much older history and thus a more dedicated fanbase than the Jets.

Comparison Chart: NY Jets Vs NY Giants

ParametersNY GiantsNY Jets
League Championships81
Super Bowl Championships41
Conference Championships110
Division Championships164
Head to head86


Which team is more successful?

The Giants have won more games than the Jets. They've also won four Super Bowls. The Jets weren't as successful with just a single championship win in 1968. In terms of head to head, the Giants dominate over the Jets, with a record of 8-6.

What is each team's stadium?

Both teams use the Metlife stadium to play their matches. Over the years they have played their home matches in different stadiums but right now both share the same one.

Which team is older?

The Giants are the oldest, they were founded in 1925, while the Jets were formed in 1960.


There is a clear rivalry between the Jets and the Giants. The teams have faced off in many games since their first meeting. If you're looking to get into football season with both feet, take note of these key differences that make each team unique. We hope this was helpful!


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Table of Contents

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