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Difference Between Orange Juice with Pulp and Without

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Pulp or no pulp? It has been a burning topic to get confused over for quite some time now. But not anymore. Here we bring you everything that you need to know.

How is orange juice with pulp different from orange juice without pulp?

Although they bear less to no distinguishable visual elements, orange juices with and without pulp differ quite a bit. With the pulp involved, the orange juice makes you look at a thicker and healthier option. On the other hand, a glass full of orange juice without pulp will always feel smoother in taste.

The debate continues though, read along and have a better idea.

What is an Orange Juice with Pulp?

The pulp in any fruit are generally pieces of insoluble material that hold down the juices; Orange juice with pulp is no different. Rich in fibre and antioxidants, the presence of pulp takes the overall healthy nature of orange juices to a whole new level. Orange juices with pulp are generally thicker in concentration. However, if you haven’t tried orange juice with pulp as of now, get ready to experience something new. 

Orange juice pulp
Orange juice with pulp

What is an Orange Juice without Pulp?

As the name suggests, the orange juice without pulp is one that is formed after filtering out all the pulpy substances. The juice thus obtained is smoother as compared to the pulp aided option. Also, a series of researchers have pointed out the fact that individuals are more tending towards the taste of orange juice without pulp. It is mainly because of the texture like feeling that the pulp brings with it.

Orange juice pulp free
Orange juice pulp free

Difference Between Orange Juice with Pulp and Orange Juice without Pulp


Orange juice without pulp tastes smoother. On the other hand, with all the pulps involved, you better be ready to have a texture type of feeling when you decide to intake orange juice with pulp for the very first time. 

Available Flavonoid

Pulps are rich in flavonoids. In case you wonder what these are, well, with flavonoids, you're looking at antioxidants from the fruit, which act as anti-inflammatories in the intaker's body. Yes, orange juices without pulp have a portion of flavonoids embedded, but the one with pulp is always the promising option.

Fibre Quantity

Just like the flavonoids, orange juice with pulp is rich in fibre as well. The available fibre can help your body in many ways. From seamless digestion to lowering cholesterol levels, fibre can play a vital role in your overall health. Having said that, if you wish to go for orange juice with pulp, then you're just about to gift your body an amount of fibre which is more than what a glass full of normal orange juice would provide.


Taste is one thing that varies entirely from an individual to the other. However, according to several studies, the taste of orange juice without pulp usually pleases people more. Now you might have a different experience altogether, for which we would recommend you have a glass of both and find out which fits best for your taste buds. Make sure to let us know in the comment section below.


In most cases, orange juice with pulp is thicker in concentration. But again, various companies have been successful in coming up with pulpless orange juices that are equally thicker.

Comparison Chart:  Orange Juice without Pulp Vs Orange Juice with Pulp

ParametersOrange Juice without  PulpOrange Juice with Pulp
DefinitionIt is defined as an orange juice that is obtained by filtering out the pulp
It is defined as an orange juice that contains the insoluble fibre rich material known as pulp.
SmoothnessComparatively more smoothFeels a textured sense due to the presence of pulp
Available FlavonoidComparatively lessMore amount of flavonoid is available
Fibre QuantityLess in quantityRich in fibre
ThicknessLessThicker in concentration

Similarities: How are Orange Juices With or Without Pulp Similar?

Generally, a glass of orange juice without pulp and a glass of orange juice with pulp gives an identical first impression. Color is one element that sits pretty similar in both types of orange juices. Unless you employ a number of experimental equipments, it is hard to distinguish the two, at least by appearance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

🍊 What is orange juice pulp?

The pulp of any fruit is basically the stringy content situated in the endocarp, and the scenes are nothing different with oranges. Fruit pulp contains juice that is rich in all the good elements. In the case of oranges, the pulp is home to a good amount of fibre and other antioxidants.

🧐 Is orange juice better with pulp or without pulp?

It is pretty evident that people prefer orange juice without pulp, mostly because of the taste factor. But honestly, pulpless orange juice filters out all the good stuff. From fibre to flavonoids, orange juice with pulps is rich in elements that help the health of your body in every manner. To put it in simple words, a glass full of orange juice with pulp is better than a glass of orange juice without it.

⚠️ Is orange juice without pulp bad for you?

Just because the fact that orange juice with pulp is healthier than orange juice without pulp doesn't necessarily mean the latter is entirely bad for you. When you decide to drink a glass of pure orange juice that has no pulp in it, the nutrient that you're gifting your body is Vitamin C.


If you're someone who gets confused over drinking a glass of orange juice with or without pulp, then I guess the same wouldn't be the case anymore. This article talks about every factor that sets these two kinds of orange juices apart. Walk through the entire article, and next time you can grab a glass with no sense of confusion.



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Table of Contents

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