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Difference Between Vegito and Gogeta

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Goku and Vegeta are among the Dragon Ball series’ most renowned main characters. Due to the show’s roots in fighting and fantasy, the two heroes can face super-powered opponents that prove too difficult to defeat by themselves. 

To fight such villains with better odds, the two have techniques to fuse into a single being with enhanced power; depending on the technique used, this gestalt entity is either known as Vegito or Gogeta.

How is Vegito different from Gogeta in the Dragon Ball series? 

While the fusions are among the series’ most powerful characters, subtle differences exist between the two. Personality-wise, Gogeta is closer to Goku, with Vegito inheriting more of Vegeta’s serious nature. Vegito also appears to be the stronger fusion. More differences are discussed below.

Who is Vegito?

Vegito in Dragon Ball

Vegito is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta through the mediation of the Potara earrings. The fusion occurs naturally once two users wear one of the earrings on opposite ears. The gestalt entity lasts roughly an hour before the users are separated.

Vegito resembles a blend of both heroes’ appearances, personalities and powers. He inherits Goku’s clothing style with Vegeta’s coloration, as well as his characteristically spiky upright hair.

The two fused into Vegito in a desperate bid to match Super Buu’s strength in the original series’ Fusion Saga. In his Super Saiyan form, Vegito could easily overpower Super Buu to the point of toying with him just to prolong their initial fight.

Who is Gogeta?

Gogeta in Dragon Ball

Gogeta is the product of Vegeta and Goku successfully performing the Fusion Dance. This type of fusion can last roughly thirty minutes or less when enough damage is inflicted on the being.

Although comparable to Vegito in terms of overall appearance, Gogeta adopts more of Goku’s facial features and general demeanor. His attire is noticeably different, taking on the style of the Metamoran people who taught Goku the technique for Fusion. He also has slightly longer hair.

Gogeta is more honourable and straightforward than Vegito, preferring to remain fairly silent in combat rather than taunting opponents ruthlessly.

Differences between Vegito and Gogeta

Fusion Method

Vegito and Gogeta are both gestalt beings created by Goku and Vegeta through different fusion processes, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Vegito is born when the two Saiyans each attach a Potara earring onto opposite ears. Doing so causes them to gravitate to one another, forming a fusion upon full contact. It also fuses the clothing of both user. The duration of this fusion typically lasts up to an hour. 

The Fusion Dance that creates Gogeta is an intricate process that requires the users to perfectly synchronize a series of movements to fuse into one being. Mistakes in doing the dance can cause inferior or deformed fusions. This method doesn’t last as long, only remaining for thirty minutes at most. The fused being automatically wears Metamoran clothing.

Dominant Personality

Both fusions share a combination of Goku’s noble, light-hearted and righteous nature, and Vegeta’s domineering, stern and calculating mentality.

Gogeta is more reserved and focused. Although he is still quite confident and wouldn’t hesitate to deflate a boastful opponent’s ego, his actions in the original series are always practical and level-headed. His style of jokes and manners closely matches Goku’s.

Vegito adopts much of Vegeta’s choleric nature. He is more prone to humiliating or demoralizing enemies, and openly enjoys combat. Although Vegito is calculating and cerebral, his nature is also tempered by Goku’s empathy and even humor.

Physical Appearance

In general, both Vegito and Gogeta have inherited Goku’s tall stature, and Vegeta’s sharp facial features and hair shape. 

Two of the easiest ways to distinguish Vegito and Gogeta visually are to look at their attire and hair.

As an effect of the Potara fusion, Vegito has Goku’s style of gi, sash and undershirt, colored with Vegeta’s own clothing palette. He also has Goku’s two downward-hanging bangs.

Gogeta’s standard outfit is based on Metamoran clothing, as with other Fusion Dance creations such as Gotenks. He also has only one, slightly shorter hair bang projecting downward instead of two.

Power Limits

Vegito and Gogeta are regarded as some of the original series’ strongest entities, surpassing even Super Buu. Fusion amplifies its users’ powers by several magnitudes. Both entities are arguably evenly-matched in overall power, although a few factors can skew the matchup.

While Vegito’s fusion duration can last twice as long as Gogeta’s, it can prematurely end if the former wields or consumes too much power. Gogeta’s existence can similarly be cut short if he suffers too much damage; theoretically, however, this means that he can output much more power than Vegito as long as he avoids being critically injured.

Appearances in Media

Vegito is the prominent Goku-Vegeta fusion in the original Dragon Ball series. He also appears in Dragon Ball Super, and the Prison Planet and Universal Creation sagas of Heroes.

Gogeta appears in Dragon Ball Z. He is briefly discussed in Super, and has a key role in Heroes and GT, as well as Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Comparison Chart: Vegito Vs Gogeta 

Fusion MethodPotara EarringsFusion Dance
Dominant PersonalityCloser to Vegito – choleric, ruthless, and manipulative.Closer to Goku – focused, light-hearted, humorous.
Physical AppearanceWears a ki, sash and undershirt in Vegeta’s colors; has Goku’s double bangs.Wears Metamoran vest and garments; has only one hair bang.
Power LimitsFusion lasts an hour, can be terminated by excess power use. Fusion lasts thirty minutes. Can be cut short by damage, but no limit to power output.
Appearances in MediaDragon Ball Z, Super, Super HeroesDragon Ball Z, Super, Gt, Super Heroes

How are Vegito and Gogeta similar? 

Even fans can confuse Gogeta and Vegito together due to their blended facial features, hair and physique. Both entities are the result of fusion. 

They each exemplify the most iconic traits of Goku and Vegeta, and amplify their users’ powers to superlative levels. In their respective storylines, these fused beings are commonly used to provide a much-needed advantage against insanely strong enemies, such as Broly, Super Buu, and Janemba, spelling near-instant defeat to all of the opponents involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Gogeta first introduced?

Gogeta’s first hallmark appearance was in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, a film from 1995. Although he made a cameo in GT, he first emerged into the canon series by the Broly arc of the Dragon Ball Super era.

His iteration in Fusion Reborn was noticeably different in terms of personality and powers. He was less cocky, remaining focused on simply fighting and defeating his enemies. Powering up to Super Saiyan 4 changed this, however, and he behaved more closely to the jocular and taunting Vegito.

Who has Vegito defeated in the series?

Vegito has squared off against some of the Dragon Ball series’ most powerful villains, including Super Buu, Fused Zamasu, and Fu. His presence usually turns the tide of a battle, curb-stomping Buu and Zamasu until the latter two have to resort to desperate or underhanded tactics of their own.

However, it should come as a surprise that Vegito hasn’t actually defeated any of these villains as himself. With all three villains above, Vegito manages to push them to the brink of defeat before forcibly separating back into Goku and Vegeta due to the hour-long time limit.


Gogeta and Vegito are absolute powerhouses, fused from the strengths and personalities of two of Dragon Ball’s most formidable Saiyans. They are both commonly used to claim a victory during a story arc’s desperate final battle.

The two are fused differently – Gogeta from the Fusion Dance, and Vegito with the Potara earrings. Vegito also behaves more like Vegeta, while Gogeta acts more closely to Goku. Gogeta can easily be distinguished by his Metamoran vest outfit, as Vegito wears a fusion of Goku and Vegeta’s clothing.

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Table of Contents

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