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Difference Between Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans

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The main difference between Tommy Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger is consumer segmentation, shopping experience, pricing, and product styles. Both brands are part of the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. Tommy Jeans is significantly less expensive since it caters to a younger demographic that likes to purchase online and denim-lovers.

On the other hand, Tommy Hilfiger is aimed at older clients searching for a more casual fashion item they can wear daily. Furthermore, this customer enjoys a tailored in-store purchasing experience.

What is Tommy Hilfiger?

tommy hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger brand is a distinctive sportswear label that embodies the traditional American cool vibe. It expresses your uniqueness via your style. Tommy Hilfiger's label lines include all-time classics with Hilfiger's designer flair. You can anticipate the most traditional American style on polos, blazers, oxfords, chinos, and outwear. However, this does not imply that Tommy Hilfiger is manufactured in the United States.

Tommy Hilfiger's target demographic is between the ages of 25 and 40. It's designed for everyday men and women who desire stylish casual items to wear daily. This customer appreciates a sense of class and a more customized purchasing experience.

Tommy Hilfiger brand, the original symbol of street style, has been established since 1985 and has - very smartly - kept its distinctly Tommy niche. In recent years, the company has increased its dedication to sustainability, culminating in a "waste nothing" mentality.

While Tommy Hilfiger continues to serve as the company's Principal Designer, providing guidance and direction for the design process, Tommy Jeans has a long history of successful and famous partnerships.

What is Tommy Jeans?

tommy jeans

Tommy Jeans is known for its excellent denim, but they also provide a wide selection of items for both men's and women's collections. Tommy Jeans items are great for attaining that 'effortless athleticism' style and are made with everyone in mind, paying attention to the Tommy Hilfiger brand's beginnings.

Tommy Jeans was originally known as Hilfiger Denim until changing its name to Tommy Jeans in the Spring 2018 collection. With an irreverent edge, this label offers a more street attitude and young spirit.

Denim has always played a significant role in Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. The Tommy Jeans offer a modern twist on denim with a youthful street vibe. You have much more than simply denim or pants. Some people believe Tommy Jeans offers jeans; however, they also sell t-shirts, jackets, polos, and other clothing items.

Tommy Jeans is the go-to brand for the ideal East Coast, contemporary American aesthetic. TJ's extensive 'old-school-cool' range includes Men's, Women's, and Accessories, with updated interpretations of iconic Tommy Hilfiger designs. The Tommy Jeans collection is known for its comfortable 90's look, thanks to its unique color palette and strong embroidery.

Differences Between Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans

Aesthetics of a Brand

Tommy Hilfiger's look is more of a traditional American style with a contemporary touch. They sell trendy and sophisticated blouses, shirts, jackets, trousers, jeans, and accessories to women aged 25 to 40. If you want a more traditional look, Tommy Hilfiger offers several timeless designs that will endure the test of time.

On the other hand, Tommy Jeans has a target demographic of 18 to 30 years olds; hence the clothing style is completely different. Tommy Jeans apparel has a relaxed, casual look, and there is a lot of athleisure gear, which is fashionable right now.


The pricing range indicates the market Tommy Hilfiger's various collections aim for. Because Tommy Hilfiger caters to a somewhat older demographic, their things are slightly more costly, with jeans and trousers ranging from $40 to $390, bags ranging from $60 to $290, and shirts ranging from $29.50 to $290.

Tommy Jeans has a younger target demographic; thus, their pricing is a bit more inexpensive, with bottoms ranging from $49 to $150, bags ranging from $50 to $129, and shoes ranging from $50 to $129.


Tommy Hilfiger apparel is often true to size. This implies that whether you purchase their polo, t-shirts, chinos, and so on, you won't have to size up or down since the apparel will be your precise size and will fit you exactly.

This is fantastic since it eliminates the burden of needing to go one size up or down in your favorite clothing because anyone you choose will be your precise size.  The same is true with Tommy Jeans. They are also true to size, so you won't have to size up or down every time you buy them.


Tommy Hilfiger is well-known for producing high-quality apparel. The same holds true with Tommy Jeans. This explains why this apparel lasts so long. You cannot expect Tommy Hilfiger apparel or Tommy Jeans to be of poor quality. Tommy Hilfiger is well worth the excessive price tag.


When you look at how Tommy Hilfiger apparel and Tommy Jeans are manufactured, you will see that they generally follow the pattern of a casual type of clothing; they are not too showy. Its casual apparel design allows you to wear it to various venues without thinking twice. You can even use it at home, which isn't a horrible idea.

Comparison Chart: Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans

ParametersTommy HilfigerTommy Jeans
Age25 to 4018 to 30
ParentTommy Hilfiger CorporationTommy Hilfiger Corporation
PriceExpensiveLess expensive
StyleTraditional AmericanCasual look
SizeTrue to sizeTrue to size


Is Tommy Jeans the Same as Tommy Hilfiger?

No. Tommy Jeans is Tommy Hilfiger's preppy younger brother. The brand, which consists of legendary denim designs and classics reimagined, has a more current, informal edge and young energy than its historical counterpart. Tommy Jeans is a brand known for its casual but confident look, mirrored by numerous generations of young people who have worn the brand. They are known for their devotion to sustainability and quality, always pushing ahead and keeping new.

Is Tommy Jeans Less Expensive Than Tommy Hilfiger?

Yes, Tommy Jeans are a little less expensive than Tommy Hilfiger. When you check the prices, you may see a difference of $30 or $40, depending on the things you choose.

Is Tommy Hilfiger True to Size?

Yes, Tommy Hilfiger clothes, apparel, accessories, and shoes fit true to size. The fit, however, may vary based on the body form.


To summarize, while owned by the same parent corporation, Tommy Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger are not the same brands. They offer varied prices and goods and target various customers. Just because Tommy Jeans is aimed at younger customers doesn't mean you can't purchase it if you're not in that demographic. If something appeals to you, go for it.

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Table of Contents

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