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Difference Between Fiverr And Freelancer.com

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The main difference between Fiverr marketplace and freelancer.com is the length of projects. Fiverr is popular for gigs, which focus on one-time projects, while Freelancer focuses on long-term jobs. Fiverr launched a year later than Freelancer but is more popular.

Clients prefer Fiverr as they find it easy to choose the right talent from the catalog of gigs. As a result, they can hire talent quickly. On the other hand, Freelancer can slow down the hiring process due to a slightly different approach than Fiverr.

What Is Fiverr?


Fiverr is a digital market that aims to connect freelancers and clients through an online platform. It allows clients to hire quality talent quickly in a timely and cost-efficient fashion. The concept and workflow of Fiverr for a freelancer are as follows:

  1. Post a gig that showcases a freelancer’s deliverables.
  2. Deliver quality work to the client.
  3. Get paid.

Clients hiring through Fiverr have the liberty of paying only when they get quality work delivered within the deadline. However, if a freelancer fails to deliver the asked deliverables within the set timeframe, the client can still save money but can’t save the time that they have lost.

What Is Freelancer.com?


Freelancer is another marketplace on the internet that allows clients and freelancers to connect online globally and engage in projects. Clients don’t have to retain the talent on a monthly or weekly basis. They can set milestones for work and pay the freelancers when the work is delivered.

This approach is totally different from the salaried workforce, where the employer has to pay the employees whether or not there’s any workload. This allows massive savings as the clients only need to pay the freelancers when there’s any workload.

Differences Between Fiverr And Freelancer.com

Disputes Handling

Fiverr handles disputes through an automatic resolution center. The concerned party (client or freelancer) can choose their issue from a pre-populated list and learn how to resolve issues independently. Fiverr doesn’t charge anything for dispute resolution.

Freelancer, on the other hand, charges a dispute resolution fee. The party who wants to raise a dispute will be given a form to fill up and submit to negotiate with the other party.

Job Duration

As hinted previously, freelancers post gigs, and clients hire them for work. Such an approach leads to one-time projects. Freelancer, however, aims to establish a long-term relationship between the clients and freelancers through long-term projects.

Job Search Approach

Fiverr has gigs that act as catalog items. Each gig by various freelancers is displayed on the client’s screen. The clients can choose from a list of relevant gigs and hire the corresponding freelancer.

Freelancer is more like posting a job as a client and receiving proposals or bids. Freelancers interested in a certain job post can bid and convince the clients how they can help them with their project.

Service Charges

Fiverr has free signup. It charges freelancers 20% of their earnings on the marketplace. Fiverr can charge clients anything between $2 to $40 as a part of the service fee. If the clients invest higher, the service charge is flat at 5% of the investment amount.

Freelancer has monthly subscription plans for freelancers to choose from as follows:

  • Introductory: $0.99
  • Basic: $4.95
  • Plus: $9.95
  • Professional: $29.95
  • Premier: $59.95

Comparison Chart: Fiverr Vs Freelancer.com

Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows, Mac, and LinuxAndroid, iOS, Windows, and Mac
Ease of AccessFiverr is relatively complex for newcomersFreelancer has a less complex workflow for the newbies
Top Companies Using The ServicePayPal, Google, NetFlix, Facebook, P&G, etc.Microsoft, Intel, MetLife, etc.
Job VarietiesThere are More than 200 categories to choose from. The majority of jobs are digital deliverables.Everything included in Fiverr, plus plumbing, broadband installation, etc.


Both Fiverr and Freelancer charge freelancers in some or the other way in the name of service charge. Fiverr and freelancer.com are client-oriented. It means that they’re more beneficial for the clients as the platforms pay more attention to clients’ comfort and ignore freelancers’ dignity to a large extent. If the client refuses the payment for the work they’ve already received, freelancers are at a loss. The fear of a negative review can potentially force freelancers to remain silent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get scammed on Fiverr or Freelancer?

Yes, both clients and freelancers can easily get scammed on Fiverr and freelancer.com.

What are the signs of being scammed, and how to avoid getting scammed?

For clients, if a freelancer sounds too good to be true, they can potentially be lying or are really good at work. If a freelancer is delivering work too quickly, either they have a team that’s helping them out, or they are obtaining the deliverable from a source online. Sometimes, freelancers use automation tools or AI bots to generate work artificially rather than working on a project all by themselves. Clients can avoid getting scammed by verifying the deliverables’ authenticity through various tools.

For freelancers, clients can scam a freelancer by never paying for work and making excuses like lacking quality, missed deadlines, or demanding unnecessary revisions that could frustrate the freelancer and quit. Moreover, some clients trick freelancers into working outside the platform and scamming them by disappearing after getting the work done. Avoid getting scammed by restricting the project to the platform.

How long will it take to bag the first project on Fiverr and Freelancer?

Freelancers who post a perfect gig on the hottest and most trending domains are expected to make money quicker than those who post a poor gig. Moreover, gigs with high fee expectations are often ignored by the client. Gigs with the most competitive prices bag a deal way faster than the others.

Similarly, new freelancers often lose bids to experienced freelancers on Freelancer. Moreover, competitive bids (bids with the most competitive price) still remain crucial in winning a job on freelancer.com.

Should I engage in a project outside the platform?

That would be a big NO. Avoid working outside the platform if the client-freelancer relationship is still new. That’s important so as to avoid getting scammed. If a freelancer or a client gets scammed outside the platform, the dispute resolution team can’t help in such regard. However, if the relationship is trustworthy, consider working outside the platform to save on high commission charges charged by both freelancer.com and Fiverr.


By the end of this post, it’s safe to conclude that both Fiverr and freelancer.com offer a wonderful platform to start making money with little investment. People with real talent can easily bag their first project sooner or later. Just don’t lose hope. Moreover, these marketplaces are quick solutions to outsourcing their projects and hiring the most talented freelancers globally in an affordable manner. There are no major disadvantages of either platform.


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Table of Contents

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