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Green Goblin Vs Hobgoblin: What's the Difference?

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The Green Goblin is among Spider-Man’s most formidable and well-known antagonists, although they share the “goblin” theme with another supervillain – the Hobgoblin. With their reliance on diabolical tactics and general sadistic attitude, these two villainous fixtures of the Marvel fictional universe can be easily confused with each other.

How is Green Goblin different from Hobgoblin? 

The main difference between Green Goblin and Hobgoblin can be found in their motivations and mental state – the Green Goblin is mentally unstable and single-minded in seeking vengeance against Spider-Man, while the Hobgoblin is a saner, more mercenary-like figure, interested in turning a profit. More of their distinguishing features are discussed below.

Who is Green Goblin?

green goblin
The Green Goblin in Spider-Man No Way Home

The Green Goblin is a sadistic, unhinged villain augmented with ostensibly superhuman physical and mental powers thanks to the Goblin Formula. 

Norman Osborn, driven mad by his son Harry’s sabotage of his superhuman serum, as well as his Faustian bargain with Mephisto, was the first to assume the Green Goblin persona. Harry himself would become the villain’s second incarnation.

The character is known for their maniacal sadism, relating to their extreme hatred of Spider-Man. They rely on Oscorp’s high-tech equipment, such as the Goblin glider and armor, and devious gadgetry, including various Pumpkin Bombs, Razor Bats, and an assorted bag of other cunning tricks.

Who is Hobgoblin?

The Hobgoblin

Conceptually, the Hobgoblin closely resembles the Green Goblin in many ways – in fact, writer Roger Stern designed them to replace the latter as a fresh new Goblin villain for Spider-Man.

Ruthless businessman Roderick Kingsley gained control of the Goblin suit and gear to become the first – and definitive – Hobgoblin. He also reengineered the Goblin formula, upgrading his physical power to superhuman levels while fully retaining his sanity. Unlike the Osborns, the Hobgoblin was more driven towards money than any particular hatred to Spider-Man.

The Hobgoblin uses a modified Green Goblin suit, as well as familiar Goblin equipment – particularly Pumpkin Bombs and a similarly-functioning Demonic Glider.

Differences between Green Goblin and Hobgoblin

Primary Motivation

The two most notable Green Goblins – Norman and Harry Osborn – were both myopically obsessed with exacting revenge on Peter Parker. 

Norman himself was interested in using his Goblin persona to dominate the city’s crime underworld before the Goblin formula drove him mad and fuelled his vendetta against Parker.

Hobgoblin, considerably saner, has generally acted for personal gain, using his abilities to crush his businesses’ competition and expand his wealth.

Costume and Accessories

The original Green Goblin battlesuit was an experimental design, remodeled with the Goblin motif for Norman Osborn. This motif, meant to strike terror to the Osborns’ enemies, incorporated a garish purple and green color scheme, an impish mask and a prominent, toothy grin.

Kingsley, drawing on his profession as a fashion designer, redesigned the Goblin suit with a striking orange and blue palette. He added a hooded cloak to create a more roguish look for his costume, and replaced the mask with a pale, sinister design with red eyes.

Psychological State

The Green Goblin was an unhinged antagonist. Norman’s original Goblin formula had been tampered by Harry, causing it to explode on his face. While it supercharged his physical strength, as well as his genius-level intellect, it also drove him insane. 

The Goblin persona would eventually exist within Norman’s psyche as a split identity, overriding any other motive save for the desire to torture Peter Parker and his associates.

The Hobgoblin, in contrast, is mentally sound. Roderick recognized the deleterious effects of the serum, modifying it to avoid insanity while still enjoying its various superhuman boosts to his abilities. 

Physical Prowess

The effects of the Goblin formula granted incredible physical strength to both Goblins; they are able to overpower baseline humans and fight an even battle with heroes like Spider-Man.

However, thanks to his revised formula, the Hobgoblin’s strength is directly stated to be superior to the Green Goblin’s, with Norman himself struggling to defeat them in pitched battle.

Supernatural Influence

Mephisto, the extradimensional Demon, had a hand in Norman’s fall to insanity after the latter accepted a deal to become financially successful at the cost of Harry’s soul, while also corrupting his own soul to ruthlessly seek wealth.

However, Mephisto erased Norman’s recollection of the deal, and Osborn continued to rely on material sciences and technology as the Green Goblin.

Another notable Hobgoblin, Jason Macendale Jr., actively sought out the Demon lord N’astirh to offer his soul in exchange for power, although he ended up possessed and physically deformed.


The Hobgoblin allied with many other supervillains to achieve larger business goals, fighting alongside Magneto, working in the Ravencroft Institute, and playing a hand in criminal Richard Fisk’s descent as the Rose. Jason Macendale’s iteration also became a member of the formidable Sinister Seven villain group.

The Green Goblin rarely interacted with the Sinister Six, but Norman was involved in the Ravencroft Institute, the Power Elite, the Brotherhood of the Scriers, the J.A.N.U.S. organization and the Gathering of Five.


Oscorp head Norman Osborn took the mantle of the first Green Goblin. His successors include his son Harry, therapist Bart Hamilton, and journalist Phil Urich.

The original Hobgoblin was Roderick Kingsley, who also made proxies in Ned Leeds, Lefty Donovan, and his twin brother Daniel. Jason Macendale Jr. was another prominent Hobgoblin.

Comparison Chart: Green Goblin vs Hobgoblin

AreasGreen GoblinHobgoblin
Primary MotivationVengeanceMoney
Costume and AccessoriesPurple-and-green Goblin armorModified orange-and-blue Goblin armor, hooded cloak.
Psychological StateUnstableSane
Physical ProwessSuperhumanSuperhuman; stronger than the Green Goblin
Supernatural InfluenceBargained with the demon MephistoPossessed by a demon of N’astirh
AffiliationsPower Elite; Brotherhood of the Scriers; J.A.N.U.S.; the Ravencroft Institute; Gathering of FiveSinister Seven; Magneto; the Ravencroft Institute; Rose
IdentityNorman Osborn (primary); Harry Osborn; Bart Hamilton; Phil UrichRoderick Kingsley (primary); Jason Macendale Jr.; Ned Leeds

How are Green Goblin and Hobgoblin similar? 

As the Hobgoblin’s host of abilities and gadgetry stem from the Green Goblin’s own arsenal, both supervillains are quite similar to each other.

Recall that the original Goblin formula is the source of both villains’ superhuman abilities; Hobgoblin only modified it to avoid turning insane. Additionally, Roderick acquired and used the Goblin’s arsenal, which included the Glider, Pumpkin Bombs and a Bag of Tricks.

The people originally behind Hobgoblin and the Green Goblin are also ruthless geniuses, even before being administered with the serum. Other personas have also consorted with supernatural entities for power.


Why is the Green Goblin crazy?

Norman Osborn descended into insanity as the Green Goblin, with the villainous persona festering in his mind as a split personality. The other Goblins also suffered from mental instability.

The Goblin formula that grants each Goblin their superhuman abilities is mainly responsible for turning them all crazy. Norman, in particular, had the formula blow up in his face, while also being aware of his poor treatment of Harry. Combined with Mephisto’s slow corruption of his soul and his encounters with Spider-Man, Norman’s insanity was all but sealed.

Will Ned become Hobgoblin?

Among the likely outcomes of the events of No Way Home is the rise of a new Hobgoblin within the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of Peter’s friend, Ned Leeds. 

While no direct confirmation has been given on his descent into villainy, recall that comic book Ned Leeds took up the Hobgoblin persona, albeit after being brainwashed by Roderick Kingsley.

Ned’s actor himself, Jacob Batalon, had expressed the intent to portray Hobgoblin in future films, and the MCU’s direction has implicitly set up Ned’s character arc in one way or another after the reveal of his magical abilities.


The Green Goblin and Hobgoblin share a common origin as terror-based supervillains to Spider-Man, although they ultimately diverge in many distinct ways. 

Norman Osborn and all succeeding incarnations of the Green Goblin achieved superhuman abilities with the Goblin formula, at the cost of their sanity. They all donned a purple-and-green Goblin battlesuit. Norman, the first Goblin, also offered his son’s soul to Mephisto for Oscorp’s success.

In contrast, the Hobgoblin used a modified Goblin formula to turn superhuman while remaining sane. Roderick redesigned the battlesuit with an orange-and-blue palette, adding a hood and a cloak as well. He used proxies for Hobgoblin, especially Ned Leeds, while the incarnation by Jason Macendale Jr. gained demonic powers after being possessed.

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