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Difference Between Left Twix and Right Twix

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The Twix candy bar appears to be an unassuming snack, but this caramel-based confectionery is actually at the heart of a heated debate among sweet-toothed consumers and chocolate fans. As one of its recent marketing campaigns touts, not all Twix bars are alike. Some are labelled Left Twix, while others are branded Right Twix, which begs the question –

Is there a difference between left and right Twix?

On the surface, it seems that the packaging of left and right versions of this candy bar is purely cosmetic – the Twix marketing campaign simply uses different words to describe the same classic chocolate treat. But do the differences end there? Read on to find out!

What is the Left Twix? 

“Left Twix” is the designation given to all Twix-brand candy bars whose packaging contains a white label with the word “LEFT” in red text. As the official website reports, the Left Twix is composed of a crispy cookie topped with a flowing layer of caramel before undergoing a bath in chocolate.

These Twix bars are ostensibly created in one of two rivalling factory areas, with the other installation producing instances of “Right Twix”. The veracity of these claims remains classified to the public, and the official Twix marketing team maintains a veil of secrecy on any further details regarding “Left Twix.” 

What is the Right Twix?

“Right Twix” is the designation that refers to all Twix-brand chocolate bars that are packaged with a red label featuring the word “RIGHT” in uppercase white text. Examination of the candy bar’s website yields that the Right Twix is primarily made from a crunchy cookie imbued with a cascading layer of caramel and enwrapped in a “cloak” of milk chocolate.

The Right Twix factory area is said to be engaged in a conflict with its counterpart over the quality and taste of their corresponding Twix products. The Right Twix is touted as the preferred version for vocalists, doormen and janitors.

Differences between the Left Twix and the Right Twix


Although the twin bars purportedly use milk chocolate, a cookie biscuit, and caramel as the same key ingredients, their descriptions in the Twix company website suggest that they are assembled in slightly different ways.

The Left Twix and Right Twix are constructed out of a brittle, shortbread cookie – variably crumbly or crispy, depending on the version. Caramel is added as a secondary layer in a flowing pattern for “Left” bars, while it cascades in “Right” bars. Additionally, although the former version is immersed in a chocolate bath, the latter is adorned with a chocolate-based cloak.


The candy bar’s marketing department states that both bars are produced in rival factories or factory sections. The relationship between both factions is rumoured to be highly competitive. 

According to their website, both bars are produced during a highly specific timeframe. Left Twix are assembled from midnight until 11 AM. In contrast, Right Twix bars are manufactured from noontime up to 11 PM. Apart from separating the two Twix factions from accidentally meeting each other, it is unknown if these timeframes hold any ritual significance to Twix production.

Demographic Appeal

Both bars purportedly cater to different sets of consumers. The company has released reports analysing how demographics decide between the two versions of Twix, utilizing facial recognition tools and a survey questionnaire to establish customer profiles.

The analysis yields that approximately 70 percent of Left Twix supporters have dark hair, compared to the 72% of Right Twix supporters that are not blonde. Half of both factions are inclined to staying indoors and wearing casual garments.

Parent company Mars Chocolate has issued a press release on how different occupations consume Twix. Custodians, singers and bouncers all tend to enjoy Left Twix. The Right Twix has adherents among vocalists, doormen, and janitorial personnel.


Both candy bars are packaged distinctly, possessing deviations from the common design scheme of a gold-colored wrapper. 

One can identify the Left version through the white label at one end. This label contains the word “LEFT” in bold, uppercase red text.

The Right version has a corresponding red label – usually at the opposite end. This label contains the word “RIGHT” in a strong, uppercase white font.


As a chocolate-coated candy bar, both Twix versions are manufactured to provide gustatory delight. They are predominantly sweet. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the caramel on the Left Twix stretches further, while the Right Twix possessed a thicker layer of caramel coating.

Comparison Chart: Left Twix Vs Right Twix

AreasLeft TwixRight Twix
CompositionCrispy biscuit, flowing caramel layer, chocolate bathCrunchy biscuit, caramel “cascades,” cloaked in chocolate
ProductionMade by Left Twix faction from midnight to 11 AMCreated by Right Twix faction from noontime to 11 PM
DemographicsSupported by custodians, bouncers and singersPreferred by janitors, doormen and vocalists
PackagingGold wrapper; white label with red textGold wrapper; red label and white text
TasteEnhanced caramel stretchinessReinforced caramel covering

How is the Left Twix similar to the Right Twix? 

Both instances are variations of the same Twix formula, and thus, the candy bars are substantially alike. A visual and gastronomic analysis of the snacks shows that they share the same cookie base, caramel layering, and chocolate coating. They likely contain the same nutritional content, especially in terms of sugars and simple carbohydrates.

Apart from their labels, the Twix bars can easily be mistaken for each other due to using the same style of golden wrapper.


Is Twix chocolate healthy?

As a candy bar, a serving of Twix should be considered an occasional snack. A fun-sized offering has roughly 24 grams of added sugar and 7 grams of saturated fat, translating to roughly 250 calories eaten in one sitting. Regularly eating sweets can be bad, but they can provide a short-term boost to your energy during a long workday.

What are the different types of Twix?

Twix chocolates come in many different flavors which can be more easily distinguished than both Left and Right Twix bars. Some of the most popular variations include mini-sized Milk Chocolate Bites, a chunky Caramel Cookie Bar, a version with White or Dark Chocolate, a frozen Ice Cream Bar, a concoction with Peanut Butter, and the coveted Twix McFlurry.

When was Twix invented?

Twix can trace its roots back to 1967, when it was first produced by the Mars Corporation in the United Kingdom as the “Raider” chocolate bar. It reached America in 1979. In the 1980’s, the creation of a Peanut Butter blend endeared the global market to the confectionery snack. It was rebranded as Twix during a marketing campaign from 1991 to 2000.


To the untrained eye, Left and Right Twix appear to be an identical pair of products. Close examination, however, finds that the candy bars possess subtle nuances that distinguish one from the other, especially in terms of their composition and production. As a result, their taste and effect on the palate can be differentiated by people skilled in confectionery consumption. 

Their most unique feature lies in their packaging. As a final note, each version is preferred by disparate groups of people.


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