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of Differences

10Differences.org - The online encyclopedia of differences

10differences.org started from a simple idea: to create an encyclopedia of differences.

This project was born in 2021 from the following observation:

On the Internet, many users are looking for information about the differences between two things. This can be about the differences in meaning of two similar English words or the differences between two technologies. However, few sites make serious comparisons to answer these specific questions.

The goal of 10differences.org is clear: to create a reliable and recognized online resource that exposes methodically and in detail all the differences between two things.

And just like an encyclopedia, all areas are covered:

10Differences.org - At the origin of the project

Nicolas Seignette and Tom Vincent are two young french people who carry this encyclopedia of differences project. They are inspired by the same motivation as Diderot who led the creation of the Encyclopedia in 1751. Like him, they are thirsty for knowledge and fond of research.

They both have their own areas of expertise and they share this in a rigorous and methodical way.
Nicolas Seignette, who holds a scientific baccalaureate, began his studies in mathematics and computer science applied to human and social sciences (MIASHS). He then continued his university studies with a DEUST WMI (Webmaster and Internet professions) at the University of Limoges before finishing his course with a professional license specialized in the IT professions. On 10Differences, he is in charge of the research and the writing of the articles concerning technology, sciences and mathematics.
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Tom Vincent graduated from the same high school as Nicolas with a bachelor's degree in economics and social studies. He then started his higher education at the University of François Rabelais in Tours with a DUT Information Communication. To expand his knowledge, he also followed a professional degree in e-commerce and digital marketing at the Lumière University of Lyon. On this project, he is in charge of articles covering language, industry and social.
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