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Pentecostal Vs Catholic: All The Differences Explained

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Pentecostal Vs Catholic, did you know that both are two different forms of Christianity? It is important to understand the difference between pentecostal and catholic if you want to better your understanding of Christianity. While pentecostal and catholic both believe in the bible, it is important to understand that both have a few differences between them.

The main difference between Pentecostals and Catholics is that Pentecostals believe that the bible is 100% accurate & authoritative, while Catholics also put faith in church traditions in addition to following the bible.

This blog post will explain all the differences so you can have a better understanding!

What is Pentecostalism?

pentecostal church
a Pentecostal Church in Poland

The movement of pentecostal churches began in the early 20th century, although some historians believe that it can be traced back to earlier times. While most people think of modern-day evangelicals when they hear about Pentecostals, this was not always the case. Pentecostalism grew out of a need for renewal within traditional protestant denominations and eventually evolved into its own unique style. 

This spirituality has taken on many forms since then with different beliefs being emphasized at certain points throughout history. One thing that remained constant however was their emphasis on spiritual gifts, such as speaking in tongues or healing.

What is Catholicism?

notre dame de paris
Notre Dame de Paris, one of the most famous Catholic cathedrals in the world

Catholic Christians are part of what's known as mainstream Christianity which traces its roots back to the apostles. The Catholic Church specifically views itself as the one true church founded by Jesus Christ and his apostles. It is also the largest Christian denomination in the world, with over a billion members worldwide. 

Catholics place a high value on tradition and believe that apostolic succession (the passing of authority from one apostle to another) has been maintained through their bishops. They also teach that salvation comes through faith and good works, which are empowered by the sacraments (or holy ordinances such as baptism and communion).

Key differences between Pentecostals & Catholics

The difference in followers

Catholics are in comparison very large in number with around 1.35 billion followers all around the world. Pentecostals on the other hand only have around 300 million followers. This means that Catholics are present in almost every country, while Pentecostals are predominant in specific regions.

The focus of worship

Catholics traditionally places a larger focus on Mary and saints as mediators between humans and God. They also emphasize the importance of rituals and traditions in worship. Pentecostals, on the other hand, focus more on Jesus Christ as the only mediator between humans and God. They also place a greater emphasis on preaching and speaking in tongues.

One of the biggest differences is that Pentecostals believe in speaking in tongues, while Catholics do not. Additionally, Pentecostals typically have a more informal style of worship, while Catholics have a more formal style. Pentecostals also tend to be more evangelistic and focus on spreading the word of God, while Catholics typically focus more on serving their community.

The importance of sacraments

Catholics believes that there are seven sacraments that are necessary for salvation. These sacraments are baptism, confirmation, eucharist, penance, anointing of the sick, holy matrimony, and holy orders. Pentecostals on the other hand have ordinance ceremonies that are similar to the sacraments.

The way in which authority is passed down

Catholics follows a hierarchical model of authority where bishops and priests have greater power than the laity. Pentecostals follow a congregational model of authority where all members of the church congregation have an equal say in deciding the direction of their church. Also, catholic allow only men to become priests, whereas pentecostal churches do not have any gender restrictions.

The view on the Baptism & ideology

Catholics baptizes infants while Pentecostals wait until children are older to be baptized. Pentecostals typically emphasize personal experience with God, while Catholics place more emphasis on tradition and authority. Pentecostals also often preach that speaking in tongues is evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit, while this is not as common among Catholic believers.

Pentecostals believe that the bible is their final authority when it comes to religious matters. Catholics however are more flexible with this and give equal weight to both traditions as well as scripture. The Catholic Church takes steps to ensure that Catholicism is not marginalized by modern culture. They also give greater weight to the authority of scriptures, but still, believe tradition and reason must be considered when making religious decisions.

Comparison Chart: Pentecostal Vs Catholic

FoundedEarly 20th century1st Century
Believers300 Million1.35 Billion
Have statues & images in churchesNoYes
Woman priests allowedYesNo
Baptism of infantsNoYes

Similarities between Pentecostals & Catholics

There are many similarities between Pentecostals and Catholics. They both believe in the Bible, they both celebrate Christmas and Easter, and they both have a strong belief in God. Also, both Pentecostals and Catholics believe in the power of prayer & believe in the same God.


Do pentecostal celebrate holidays?

Yes, they do. Pentecostals celebrate holidays like Easter and Christmas just as Catholics do! Although their interpretations of some of these holidays might be slightly different than others.

Do Catholics and Pentecostals have the same beliefs?

No, they don't. Catholics believe in the Bible and also follow the teachings of the Church. Pentecostals have their own set of beliefs that come from the Bible.

Are Pentecostals Christians?

Yes! Pentecostals are Christian just like Catholics are.

Do Pentecostals and Catholics have the same Bible?

No. Pentecostals have their own version of the Bible that is different from what Catholics follow, but both groups believe in God and love Him deeply!

Which is older, Catholicism or Pentecostalism ?

Catholicism is older than Pentecostalism. It was founded in the year 313 by Emperor Constantine. Pentecostalism began around 1900 with a man named Charles Parham.


There are many other differences between Pentecostals and Catholics, but these are some of the most notable. As with any religion, it is important to do your own research and come to your own conclusions about which path is right for you. whichever faith you choose, always remember that God loves you and wants the best for you. Happy exploring!


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Table of Contents

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