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Difference Between Passport Size Photo and Postcard Size Photo

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When it comes to passport photos, you want to make sure that you have the right size. Many people mistakenly believe that a passport size photo is the same as a postcard size photo. However, this is not the case!

The main difference between a passport size photo and a postcard size photo is that passport photos are smaller. They are typically two inches by two inches, while postcard-sized photos are four inches by six inches.

This may not seem like a big difference, but it can make a world of difference when you’re trying to get your passport photo approved! This blog post will discuss this difference in detail.

What is a Passport Size Photo?

passport size photo
U.S Passport Size Photo

A passport-size photo is a small, two-inch by two-inch photograph used for passports. These photos are typically taken by a professional photographer, and they must meet certain requirements to be approved.

First and foremost, the image must be clear and sharp. There can be no blurriness or graininess present in the photo. Secondly, the photo must be taken against a white or off-white background.

Thirdly, the passport photo must be recent; it cannot be more than six months old. Lastly, all four sides of the head should be visible in the passport photo; this includes the top of the head and the bottom of the chin.

What is a Postcard Size Photo?

postcard size photo
Postcard Sizes

A postcard size photo is a larger, four-inch by six-inch photograph. Postcard size photos do not have to meet the same requirements as passport photos.

For example, they can be taken against any color background, and they do not have to be recent. However, it is important to note that postcard size photos cannot be used for passports!

So, if you’re planning on getting a passport photo taken, make sure you go to a professional photographer and request a passport size photo.

Differences Between Passport Size Photo and Postcard Size Photo


A passport-size photo is 51 mm x 51 mm in dimension. On the other hand, a postcard size photo has dimensions according to the country it is being sent to. In the United States, a postcard can be no larger than 152 mm x 102 mm.


Passport photos are used for identification purposes, while postcards are generally used for leisurely purposes such as sending greetings to friends and family. They are also used as holiday photos. Additionally, they may also be used for business purposes such as marketing or promotion.


Passport photos are usually printed on photo paper, while postcards are usually printed on card stock. Card stock is thicker than photo paper and has a glossy or matte finish.


Passport photos must be of high quality as they are used for identification purposes. Postcards do not have to be high quality and can be printed with lower resolutions.

Comparison Chart: Passport Size Photo Vs Postcard Size Photo

ParametersPassport Size PhotoPostcard Size Photo
Dimensions2 x 2 inches4 x 6 inches
Used For Official PurposesYesNo
Strict Background RequirementsYesNo
Requires High QualityYesNo
Type Of Photo AcceptedColor OnlyBoth Color & B&W is ok
Type of paper usedPhoto paperCard Stock

Similarities Between Passport Size & Postcard Photo

While there are many differences between passport size and postcard size photos, there are also some similarities. Both photos can be printed at home or at a photo printing shop. Both photos can be taken with a digital camera or a traditional film camera. And both types of photos can be edited with photo editing software.


How do I convert a postcard size photo to passport size?

There are a few ways to convert a postcard size photo to passport size. The first way is to use a photocopier. Place the postcard on the photocopier and select the passport size setting.

The second way is to scan the postcard and then use photo editing software to crop the image to passport size. The third way is to take a digital photo of the postcard and then crop the image to passport size.

Do I need a special kind of paper to print my passport photos?

No, you do not need special paper to print your passport photos. You can use regular photo paper or card stock. However, you must use high-quality printer settings when printing your photos. This will ensure that your photos are of high quality and accepted by the passport office.

Is a postcard A5 or A6?

A postcard is mostly A6. In the United States, a postcard is typically A-size, dimensioned at 105 mm x 148 mm. However, a postcard can also be dimensioned at 173 mm x 118 mm in other countries, such as Japan.

What size is an Australian passport photo?

An Australian passport photo must be 45 mm x 35 mm in dimension. The photo must also have a white background and meet other requirements set by the Australian Passport Office.

What size is a Canadian passport photo?

A Canadian passport photo must be 50mm x 70 mm in dimension. The photo must also have a white background and meet other requirements set by the Canadian Passport Office.

Can I take my passport photo?

Yes, you can take your passport photo. However, the photo must meet all the requirements set by the passport office. This includes requirements for the background, dimensions, and photo quality.

Can I use a postcard as my passport photo?

No, you cannot use a postcard as your passport photo. Passport photos must be of high quality and meet specific requirements set by the passport office. Postcards do not have to be of high quality and can be printed with lower resolutions.


So there you have it!  The difference between passport size and postcard size photos. Be sure to take high-quality photos that meet the requirements set by the passport office. And if you're ever in doubt, you can always ask a professional photographer for help. Thanks for reading!


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Table of Contents

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