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Difference Between Ralph Lauren and US Polo Assn

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The main difference between US Polo Assn and Ralph Lauren is the logo. The US Polo Assn has 2 polo players on their horses; however, Ralph Lauren Polo has just one polo player on his horse and has his mallet elevated high.

Because of their similar logos and sporting garments, the US Polo Assn and Ralph Lauren are sometimes misleading. Polo riders are featured on both American brands' on their horses. Furthermore, many sellers list items from these two companies interchangeably or as a single entity.

What is Ralph Lauren?

polo ralph lauren
Nacho Figueras

Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American high-end fashion brand that manufactures mid-range and luxury products. It was launched in 1967 by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, who developed one of the world's most popular fashion empires by creating his brand around the idea of an upscale American lifestyle.

ralph lauren logo

Ralph Lauren is well-known for its clothes, marketing, and distribution of items in four categories: fashion, home, accessories, and perfumes. The Ralph Lauren Group now oversees 17 fashion and 4 lifestyle brands across 493 directly managed locations in 30 countries. Ralph Lauren's first sub-brand was Polo Ralph Lauren. It's Ralph Lauren's first full range of men's Polo shirts, athletics, and tailored clothing.

It is the portfolio's oldest brand, debuting in 1968, and remains prominent in the men's premium casual and athletic markets. Along with the core men's sportswear brand, Polo Ralph Lauren, the Polo brand branched out into sub-brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren Children, Polo Sport, and the women's line that was introduced in 2014. It currently sells eyewear, purses, hats, scarves, gloves, belts, and small leather products in addition to eyewear.

What is US Polo Assn?

us polo assn
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US Polo Assn is a branch of the United States Polo Association; the brand was formed in 1981. US Polo Assn is a brand licensing retail sector that distributes clothes, accessories, footwear, eyewear, housewares, and watches in over 160 countries. Its logo depicts 2 polo players riding their horses. A First rider is wearing a darker shirt and holding a mallet above his head, while the other rider is wearing a lighter shirt and holding a mallet lower.

uspa logo

The brand became the official gear provider of the 12th Federation of International Polo European Polo Championship, which took place in Tuscany, Italy. US Polo Assn is noted for its sport-inspired, traditional American flair. They not only make t-shirts, but they also specialize in clothes for ladies and children. They also offer accessories for both men and women.

The company intends to refresh for summer with the ideal mix of informal and classy pieces such as classic dresses, clean cotton shorts, and vibrant sportswear. The collection features young and vivid designs that evoke the wonderful American spirit.

Differences Between Ralph Lauren and US Polo Assn


US Polo Assn is the official brand of the USPA, which was created in 1981, while Ralph Lauren is the "Ralph Lauren Corporation," which was formed in 1967.


The logo of the US Polo Assn depicts 2 polo players on their horses. A First rider is wearing a darker shirt and holding a mallet above his head, while the other rider is wearing a lighter shirt and holding a mallet lower. On the other hand, Ralph Lauren's is less complicated, depicting simply one polo player on his horse with his mallet elevated high.

Rationale of Emblem

The US Polo Assn emblem highlights the spirit and tradition of the sport, while Ralph Lauren's emblem focuses on the pictured lifestyle rather than the sport.


Ralph Lauren products are often more costly than the US Polo Assn since the former is a stylish premium designer brand.


Ralph Lauren has traditionally been associated with high-quality American clothing. The brand began by turning rags into a tie, making it rags-to-riches American Dream embodied. Ralph Lauren creates their polos using a cotton mesh, which allows for breathability due to the space between the fibers and creates a delicate honeycomb design.

For over a century, US Polo Assn has given quality and excellence in its apparel line. It's recognized for its sport-inspired, traditional American style, which the company elevates with new colors, high-quality materials, and iconic designs each season. 

Comparison Chart: Ralph Lauren and US Polo Assn

ParametersRalph LaurenUS Polo Assn
CompanyRalph Lauren was established in 1967US Polo Assn was created in 1981
LogoOne Polo player sitting atop his horse, mallet raised high2 Polo players riding their horses, one with the mallet in a higher position and the other with the mallet in a lower position
Logo's MeaningFeature of lifestylePromoting and highlighting the sport
PriceThey are priceyLess expensive than Ralph Lauren
HeadquartersNew YorkNew York


How Can I Get Ralph Lauren Stock?

The stock of Ralph Lauren Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker RL. Interested buyers can buy shares from any licensed brokerage firm.

Is It Safe to Order From the US Polo Assn?

Regarding overall security, US Polo Assn always uses industry-leading encryption methods while sending and receiving data exchanged with the US Polo Assn site. The facilities where US Polo Assn servers are housed are physically secure to prevent the loss, abuse, or modification of the data and information acquired.

What Is the Status of My US Polo Assn Order?

Using the Order Number and Shipping Zip Code, guest checkouts may access the US Polo Assn Order Status page. Registered users may see their order history by logging in to their accounts. Do you not have an account? Make one in My Account.


The prominence of the logos in both brands creates an exquisite appearance. The decision taken by the founders of USPA and Ralph Lauren is admirable. Of course, the prices are vastly different, but the T-shirts are worthwhile. Both brands have one thing in common: they are both comfortable. A man's appearance is enhanced not just by fashion but also by comfort.

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